Happy Father’s Day

Three years and seventeen days have passed since my father entered into the living presence of our Heavenly Father.  As a child we would get up on Father’s day and make breakfast for dad.  All five kids made a feast for a king.  Father’s day was spent with dad.  It was great!  He is gone now, but I have the real hope of seeing him soon, because of our strong Savior, Jesus Christ.

My dad was a great blessing to me.  One of the greatest thing about him was his love for me.  Dad enjoyed spending time with me.  When we were kids he would play hoops, wrestle and take us down the street just to buy a Coke.   I will never forget the day we took the old Dodge truck out on the country roads just to burn rubber.   Dad enjoyed all his kids.  In recent years, he made calls from St. Clair Square Mall just to see what’s up.   He didn’t need a reason to call.

Dad made me who I am today.   He taught me right and wrong by his words and example.   I saw his integrity in the hours he spent with me.  They say every man has a price.  Dad taught me that there is not a reward greater than integrity and family.   He would not trade either for anything.  His integrity led the way in his marriage, family, and business.  

Dad taught me to discipline myself in word and deed.   He was strict, but not mean.  There were Biblical principles behind his discipline.   Life is full of tough and tender circumstances.  Dad showed me there is a time to be tough and there is a time to be tender.   Don’t lay over and die…keep going…you will make it.   He was a tender man that was tough when necessary.  I am prepared for life because my teacher taught me how to live a decent, Godly life.  

Dad made me what I am today. His love for God kept His blessings flowing in his life and the next generation of Caswell’s. He hungered for the Lord and pursued him through study of the Word of God and participation in Church.  The fire of the Holy Spirit was in my father.  In his sickness, his body was weakened.  Sometimes his medication clouded his mind.   In this state of living…the fire of the Holy Spirit never left him.  I saw it when I was with him.

Dad passed away and mom has devastating health struggles.  We’re going to make it as a family.   How do I know?   Dad and Mom taught their kids to live for God.   The fire of God burns in the Caswell family.  Mom and Dad’s prayers are answered.  God is with us.
1.  Love God First.
2.  Love your wife as Christ loves her.
3.  Love your children and never take your love away from then…NEVER!
4.  Study Proverbs so your children will have a wise father and your wife a wise husband.
A Note to my Dad

Dear Dad,

Thanks, I love you, Happy Father’s Day, See you soon.

Your son who misses you,