This past week we received one of our lower offerings.  I am not writing to complain or scare anyone.  I am writing to boast about the faithfulness of our God in times of stress.   

About seven years ago, I sat at my desk with a stack of bills about four inches high.  Our church checking account was at $1000 and we owed over $280,000.   I was  in despair and desperate!  Weeping over the bills, I cried out to God for help.  I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Randy, I am going to take care of you the same way I took care of Elijah.”  In our financial famine the Lord gave me a word of provision.  And He provided!

This morning a check was written for $75 to pay down our church loan.  First Assembly of God owes a little over $3,000 to Assemblies of God Financial Services.  I was recently sharing our testimony with a friend.  The message given was, “God saved us when our debt was unmanageable and now that it is manageable; we still depend on His favor.” 

I have found that when God’s will is first in your life, then His provision is given.  There are tests of faith in the process.  His testing will mature our faith by teaching us to trust, obey and depend on our Lord.  

Seven years ago, I was happy to hear, from the Holy Spirit, that provision was coming. I walked out of my office believing God.  It wasn’t the way I would have liked it.  Being fed by Ravens wasn’t Elijah’s first choice either.   Yet, when your in a famine, your thankful for provision any way God gives it.  His miracles come in different packages.

Matthew Henry wrote of Elijah’s provision.  It blessed me and I believe it will encourage you also.

The natural supply of water, which came by common providence, failed; but the miraculous supply of food, made sure to him by promise, failed not

Steps For Blessing
1.  Examine your life to make sure you are putting God first in everything. God is faithful to His faithful.
2.  Seek first the Kingdom of God through prayer and giving.  Faith gives- because it knows God supplies to faithful givers.  
3.  Stay consistent in your giving.
4.  God is your source.  God is your source.  God is your source.  God is your source…let that sink in.