I Will Walk With Him

Mark 10:46-52 has the story of Bartimaeus. Bartimaeus had to live a life as a beggar. I can’t think of a more difficult life. He was forced into this lot because he was blind. Bartimaeus hears that Jesus of Nazareth is passing by. He cries out to the Lord. The people try to quiet him which makes him cry all the louder. He needed Jesus.

Jesus hears his cry and calls for him. He says to Bartimaeus, “Go, your faith has healed you.” The Scripture notes that Bartimaeus walked along the road with Jesus.

I know how Bartimaeus feels. I was down before and Jesus changed my life. When I was in the mulligrubs He gave me joy. I will walk with Jesus.

At one time I had a mind that could not learn. As a boy my parents took me to the altar and asked my Pastor to pray. He layed his hands on my head and prayed that my mind would open to understand. Jesus opened my mind that night. I began to understand and comprehend. I will walk with Jesus.

The world is perilous and the unknown of tomorrow is rattling. Raising a family in times like these seems a fight for survival. I have bread in my house. My wife loves me and my children honor thier parents. Jesus is a rock of security where I can rest my home. I will walk with Him.

I didn’t have many friends in my youth. Today I have many close friends made over decades in His Church. They have blessed me and helped me over my lifetime. Jesus created the Church and through that I have been given close friends who life me up. I will walk with him.

I sat in my wrecked car close to death. I was not afraid of the “last breath” because I had received the breath of life when I was a boy. Jesus gave me His Holy Spirit when I was born again. I wasn’t afraid to die at that moment. He took away my fear of death. I will walk Him.

I am sure you have a reason to walk with Him. Take a moment to think about it. Write them down and take them to God with a thankful heart.